Affordable supercars:

Every supercar enthusiast dreams about having a supercar of his own one day. Some may dream for the Ferrari. For others, it’s Porsche. May be your own dream car is Lamborghini. These vehicles seem unachievable unless you are a millionaire, but this is not the reality. Anyone who has just 25 grand to spend on a car can easily afford one of these classic supercars, a little used and in less than stellar condition. But if you are a true car lover, then it’s better than anything.

If you are from those people who always wanted to drive a supercar but they couldn’t take the time to look for such supercars and choose the one to talk about.

1980’s- early 1990’s: Lotus Esprit Turbo/SE


The third generation Esprit was designed by Peter Stevens, which was debuted in 1987. This stylish sports car had all the fun the previous generations were carrying while it also incorporated the new technologies like reinforcing the car with Kevlar (its increased its rigidity by 22 percent). The Lotus car team also switched from a water intercooler to the air car intercooler in 1989 to help make their turbo-charged SE model more efficient.

1981 Ferrari 308 GTSi:


This car was designed in 1975 by Pininfarina. This 308 GTS is the Ferrari’s first road car and is considered to be some of the most beautiful Ferrari ever been built. Unlike the Dino 246, that was also designed by Pininfarina; this 308 GTS was considered to be the start of Ferrari’s future. Its slimmer and more aerodynamic design helped to make this car an icon and is still studied by the design students all over the world.

1982 Ferrari Mondial 8:


It’s another design of the Ferrari that was also designed by the Pininfarina firm. This Mondial car is considered as one of the manufacturer’s cheapest car when it comes to maintenance and also the best practical cars (with 214 hp and seating four comfortably). It is not known as the high-performance sports supercar as compared to other Ferrari’s. But this car covered the same V8 engine with the 308 GTBi/GTSi but mounted transversely.

1980’s Porsche 911:


Since the introduction of this car on 11 September 1963, the Porsche 911 has been an auto icon for the late 50’s. Having changed the car’s design only a little from the day it was introduced but the changes that took place in 1997 is when the car’s cooling system was changed from air to water-cool. It is considered as one of the best competition cars ever made. The 911 came in 5th place for the ‘car of the centaury’ awarded in 1999.

1990’s TVR Cerbera:


The Cerbera was the 3rd car produced by the TVR and featured a few firsts for the company. It includes a hardtop, 2+2 seating design and its own manufactured engine under the hood. TVR has produced one of the lightest V8 motorcars ever with a total weight of 121kg. Pete Wheeler, the company’s former owner, was quoted saying that: ‘the bottom half of the engine to the heads is exactly as you would see in the current formula one engine.’